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fourteenth China (Jinjiang) International Footwear Fair Organizing Committee held a press conference here 13, said, Fujian, Jinjiang existing footwear production enterprises more than three thousand, an annual output of 1 billion pairs of shoes, output value of more than 70 billion yuan. In from April 19th to 22nd this year, held in Jinjiang shoe fair, will continue to set up science and Technology Museum, the project is expected to promote the development of footwear industry, boost private transformation and upgrading. Jinjiang sports shoes about 40% of the country's total output, 20% of the world's total output, products are exported to 163 countries and regions, known as "China Shoes Capital" said. At present, the city's footwear industry has 13 listed companies, more than 20 tax over ten million yuan enterprises, of which two companies in Jinjiang tax more than 600 million yuan. according to the introduction, this shoe Fair will fully display the achievements of science and technology enterprises, footwear product innovation, universities and research institutes and the latest research achievements of Jinjiang shoe enterprises in scientific and technological innovation, guide enterprises to strengthen technological innovation, improve market competitiveness. in addition, shoes Expo will highlight the "Haixi characteristics" effect, attracted more than 500 e jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black nterprises from the United States, Britain, Germany, Italy, Korea, Japan, India, Hongkong, Taiwan and other countries and regions including overseas exhibitors exhibitors, booth 413, accounting for more than 1/4. It is learnt that the Taiwan footwear industry association, the machine industry association will show the group, and through the "shoes Fair" this platform, to promote the optimization and upgrading of cross-strait footwear industry, and common development. The organizing committee invited to Beijing today at home and abroad to attend the festivities. (Editor: afnhk) import and export trade volume exceeded 100 billion US dollars and 2 billion US dollars respectively "guanghuo" by the Hongkong transit increase according to the analysis, significant growth in the export processing trade, become the main driving force of Guangdong Hongkong export growth. Last year, the export value of Guangdong's processing trade in Hongkong was US $83 billion 420 million, an increase of 26.8%, and the contribution rate to export growth was 74.9%. The general trade and processing trade imported from Hongkong in Guangdong showed a decreasing trend. Although in recent years, the direct access to the Pearl River Delta manufacturers of European and American customers increased significantly, but Hongkong as a world logistics center status is still irreplaceable. Guangzhou customs jordans on sale online statistics show that last year, Guangdong's re exports of goods through Hong Kong maintained rapid growth: the total value of re exports and imports of goods by Hongkong was US $237 billion 950 million, an increase of 16.3%, accounting for 45.1% of the total import and export value of Guangdong enterprises. Customs sources said, Hongkong as Asia Pacific Logistics Center, its service industry is more developed, CEPA implementation of the mainland open service trade in Hongkong, Hongkong's logistics center is more consolidated position. CEPA's impact on Hongkong's local industry was even more pronounced last year. It is reported that last year Guangdong imports from Hongkong CEPA goods $320 million, an increase of 27.7%, Hong Kong continues to expand the range of goods CEPA benefit, has reached 184 8 tariff lines of goods, including imported pharmaceuticals in the highest amount, $170 million, an increase of 8.1%, accounting for all the goods imported from Guangdong Hongkong CEPA 53.1%.Allen · Iverson (Allen Iverson) finally got his wish to become a member of the hall of fame, and the classic Reebok Question boots will zaixianbolan. The new version of a blue toe and the exposure of the network, the selection of high quality leather shoe body made with white throughout the upper, and the shoe body details by red dotted with blue decoration, finally, heel and toe outs Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale ole. 2_Reebok_Iverson_Question_Blue_Toe_angle_2048x2048.jpg (526.55 KB, download number: 5) download Reebok Question Blue Toe 2016-9-20 08:49 upload 3_Reebok_Iverson_Question_Blue_Toe_-4_2048x2048.jpg (507.23 KB, download number: 5) download Reebok Question Blue Toe 2016-9-20 08:49 upload 4_Reebok_Iverson_Question_Blue_Toe_-5_2048x2048.jpg (373.19 KB, download number: 4) download Reebok Question Blue Toe 2016-9-20 08:49 upload 1_Reebok_Iverson_Question_Blue_Toe_side_2048x2048.jpg (453.52 KB, download number: 6) download Reebok Question Blue Toe 2016-9-20 08:49 upload 6_Reebok_Iverson_Question_Blue_Toe_-1_2048x2048.jpg (357.31 KB, download number: 6) download Reebok Question Blue Toe 2016-9-20 08:49 Reebok Question Blu0 upload.In Jordan Brand 2015 Holiday holiday series also includes three Air Jordan 8. Chrome color was born in 2003 years, by the black shoes for main colors, but also into the design elements of the camouflage. We believe that the Aqua color is not strange, it comes with Michael Jordan at the 1993 all star game. But at the end of this Three-Peat is for the first three consecutive Dynasty tribute in Chicago, inspired by the three strong opponents. air-jordan-8-aqua-2015-2.jpg (76.19 KB, download number: 0) download Air Jordan 8 series Holiday holiday 2015-2-27 10:42 upload air-jordan-8-aqua-2015-3.jpg (68.33 KB, download nu air jordan 11 space jam for sale mber: 0) download Air Jordan 8 series Holiday holiday 2015-2-27 10:42 upload air-jordan-8-aqua-2015-1.jpg (59.68 KB, download number: 0) download Air Jordan 8 series Holiday holiday 2015-2-27 10:42 upload air-jordan-8-aqua-2015-5.jpg (215.58 KB, download number: 0) download Air Jordan 8 series Holiday holiday 2015-2-27 10:43 upload air-jordan-8-aqua-2015-4.jpg (117.05 KB, download number: 0) download Air Jordan 8 series Holiday holiday 2015-2-27 10:43 upload air-jordan-8-black-chrome-2015-2.jpg (67.65 KB, download number: 0) download??????free run blue and orange free v shoes review girls sneakers size t shirts online shopping usa run blue and orange free v shoes" /〉 womens white and gray free run balenciaga brief lodis audrey checkbook clutch wallet sale shop for shoes online jordan air max challenge mens tennis shoes cheap ladies parka free v leopard for sale singapore online shopping statistics free run blue and orange free v shoes review ??????cheap dunks sb pro Jane amp Serge glasses online zenni jane womens fashion plus size Jane Birkin wedges shoes for cheap heart cheap dunks sb pro Jane amp Serge today we look at the store's owner may some people have on other websites or books seen his reports, yes. Yes, he is famous the world first Nike collector Michael Jordan Geller. We are not curious about their na cheap foamposites mes. How to think his name is so familiar, yes, he and Michael Jordan's name on the contrary. In fact, his real name is Jordan Michael Geller. His legend is the establishment of a collection of Nike nearly 40 years of History Museum -- ShoeZuem, in fact, known for Nike shoes Museum really is not too much, and the cost of actually reached a staggering $10 million. Not in the 25 man man he in Portland this shop also hiding many extremely rare shoes, air jordan 3 "Oregon supreme level air force 1, air jordan 2" Eminem ", air jordan 9" bin "these are ordinary people to imagine the shoes, the most exaggerated is unexpectedly a air jordan 11 white 25th anniversary, and this pair is not an ordinary 11 all white, the shoe side a jump logo, and according to rumors only 25 pairs only jump logo, when Jordan brand will be the double doped logo of the air jordan 11 white together to sell, so rare degree can be imagined, even more than the air jordan 4" Eminem "50 pairs. source: heskicksKanye West again Yeezy 2 " Red October" 2013-12-08 23:47:27 Kanye West the day before yesterday, the "Yeezus"; the concert moved to Seattle, and in this concert, Kanye during performances again on foot shoes many friends global concern Nike Air Yeezy 2 "Red October" color. It is rumored that this "red coconut" will be sold at designated stores in China next month, and it seems that a red storm is co buy cheap jordans online ming! Air Jordan 15Lab12 new object appreciate 2016-06-21 11:57:07 Air Jordan 15Lab12, which was reported for you last year, has attracted the attention of many friends. Shoes overall adopts Air Jordan 12 shoes design, and uppers through the Air Jordan 15 symbol weaving effect presents, for the sense of movement of the design, added a trace of the flavor of the tide. Today, the network once again released the shoes of the physical picture, but the sale information has not been exposed, interested friends can continue to pay attention to it. : Recently, when she took part in the Lakers' family photo shoot, she made a pair of Nike Kobe 9 Low EM which had already been exposed. The shoes are made of EM mesh, and the vamp is made of black, brown and green stripes with white outsole and blue midsole. With mint green shoelaces, it looks very dazzling. The first listing of Nike Kobe 9 Low EM for the first exposure of black and yellow color, the listing time is March 29th, you Comet can begin to prepare. Japan shopping site ZOZOTOWN and Originals sports brand adidas has always been a close cooperation, this time the two sides chose Adidas Originals's classic "Campus 80s launched a new joint new shoes outside with navy blue suede material collocation white horsehair three bar decoration, the other side to Navy horsehair material collocation snakeskin th jordans on sale mens ree bar decoration, full wave sense shoes with yellow bottom decoration, retro shoes and a new interpretation. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Chinese shoes Network August 11 hearing, to seize the second and third tier market, Nike maintain growth of key & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; First, according to Nike's plan, future 5 years to open 250 ~ 300 Nike brand outlets in the world, these stores will focus on the distribution of the world's most exclusive shopping. Nike's fiscal year 2015 revenue will reach $ 27 billion, compared with fiscal year 2009 $ 19,176,000,000, an increase of approximately $ 8 billion over the next five years including large emerging markets, including China, to a rate of about 10% annually. Nike global market is divided into six regions, the first piece was developed regions namely North America, Western Europe and Japan, the other one is in emerging markets, including Greater China, Eastern Europe and Central Europe and other emerging markets. Nike said the 2015 fiscal year in emerging markets, such as Greater China total annual revenue increased by 30 billion to $ 3.5 billion in existing infrastructure will, at a lower double-digit annual growth rate. As of February 28, 2010, Nike in 2009 - three quarters of fiscal year 2010 total revenue of emerging market $ 3.58 billion, whereby estimates, Nike all emerging markets throughout the fiscal year revenue of ab cheap air jordans out $ 4.8 billion in 2015 years, this figure will become 7.8 billion - $ 8.3 billion, which means that each year at a rate of about Nike's 10% growth in order to achieve this goal. To achieve this goal, the market potential has been little developed areas, only by emerging markets. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Second, at present, Nike's sales in the mainland in 2009, probably between 70 billion to 8 billion yuan, the market is mainly concentrated in Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai and other tier cities, firmly occupy the market share of Chinese cities. However, the potential of these markets has been very limited, and in addition, domestic brands are also trying to advance to the first-tier cities, how many have divided the international giants of the market share. If you hang-tier cities, Nike's future growth will be a huge threat. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; third, with the development of second and third tier cities, will enhance the spending power of these cities. In addition, according to Citigroup expects the next 5 years to 10 years, the annual growth of wages of skilled workers in mainland China between 10% to 20%, labor income growth will greatly enhance the spending power of these cities, and moreover these people occupied population more than first-tier cities, has a huge consumption growth, giants can not ignore. Although there is no detailed description of the strate jordan 3 katrina 2018 gy, the industry generally believe that second and third tier cities will be the next stage of Nike seize the market focus. Thus, the second and third tier cities will be the next stop on the Nike kind of multinational brands. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; to maintain growth in emerging markets is the key, and the second and third tier cities in the domestic market is the key in the key, Nike and other channels if you want to immediately sank, its high price second and third tier cities may discourage consumers will affect their sales, if it is to wait for some time, and so this part of the consumer's ability to lift up the re-entry, it may lose time or opportunity. If the channel immediately sink, low-cost sales Nike currently appears to be quite upset. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; the impact on domestic brands & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; In late June, Nike plans to use low-priced products to enter the mainland's second and third tier market news one, in Hong Kong-listed shares part of sporting goods brands began to fluctuate, but most brands experienced a short-term decline gradually after the steady rise, from June 22 to July 6, Li Ning shares fell 14.4%, China Trends shares fell 12.7%, Anta shares fell 10.5 percent, 15.5 percent fell Olympic sports, special steps fell 14.3%. Market performance shows that investors are a little worried. But according to several research institu Retro jordans for sale tions showed that the price war Nike limited impact on domestic brands. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; First, currently Anta, special steps, 361o, Li Ning, Olympic, as the representative of the domestic brands, the main focus is still concentrated in the second and third tier market, the second and third tier market is the domestic brands The main battlefield is the cornerstone of business. In addition, after three decades of development, the majority of domestic brands has considerable brand recognition and reputation, the majority of enterprises with the capital market to boost the rapid development of enterprises, enterprises greatly enhanced strength, brand awareness and the former has been quite different . In addition, deep plowing domestic market three decades, most of the domestic brands have extensive experience and marketing skills, and have a great deal of high-quality stores resources, said several brands now have more than 5,000 stores. In contrast, if the international brand channels have meant sinking, then the price of domestic brands marketing "resistance" will be quite intense, while domestic brands in the second and third tier market impregnable fortress formed an international brand may not be able to account for cheap. In addition, at this stage, the development momentum of domestic sports brand is still "darling." According to statistics, in the major domestic sports brands have ended the fourth quarter of 2010 orders, the growth is still strong domestic brands, such as average order Xtep increase of 23%, 19% Anta. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; second, Nike has pointed out that the introduction of low-cost 300 yuan the following sports shoes, but Nike brand launch to launch a brand or another is still unknown. As early as February 2007, Nike introduced the cheap sneakers series, when the brand is Taiwind rather than Nike, but the market is very rare. If the Nike brand to push this or in another form of the introduction of low-priced products, then, have more marketing resources of domestic brands have been hit quite limited, after all domestic brands in the local market has accumulated many years of operational experience, brand influence is also growing, and Nike's new brand for consumers but it is strange, I believe that domestic brands have the ability to resist cheap Nike offensive. If not the other launch the brand, but in the Nike brand appears that this kind of practice for the market price for Nike will be hard choices, because Nike brand to launch low-cost products, is bound to damage the company's brand image. This is true in any industry, price is not the only factor in determining consumer choice, excellent brand often because of high prices, but can retain more customers with low prices for the market may not be a wise choice. But do not consider price, Nike into the second and third tier market, and almost anything. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; third, according to UOB Kay Hian's report that the distribution system will become a bottleneck restricting the implementation of low-cost Nike offensive. Due to the high initial investment requirements, and the low profit on sales of foreign brands of products, expected number of mainland distributors may be reluctant to take risks, Nike, Adidas will find very difficult to find a local distributor in the mainland second and third tier markets.Adidas Originals this summer to bring a new member of the Swift, inspired by the 80s brand rich historical archives in the classic retro running shoes, "Always On. Never Off" as the theme, bring this pair for any occasion of the new shoe design. The Swift Run PK Primeknit by weaving technology, with multicolor yarn in the upper and heel position for details, equipped with TORSION:registered: and EVA midsole cushioning system, with modern minimalist style to reproduce the aesthetic movement in 80s; in addition to Swift high-quality woven cloth production ordinary version synchronization debut, new color variety and shoes the shelves on July 27th in succession. Interested friends can start with , Adidas, online shops, and specialty stores. APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement tide], scan code with you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion, more free shoes, true and false identification services, you experience! White Mountaineering x adidas Originals 2017 autumn and winter shoes series this time to get a full exposure. I believe we have seen the White Mountaineering x NMD R2 Adidas design, after all, basically the heart, and this time the style of walking with some similar last year. We used Adidas NMD R2, Adidas NMD Trail, Adidas Stan Smith and updated Comic shoes, each shoe launched 2 color, with black, brown and white as the main color, the Stan Smith Comic more than three color options, add a good green color in the currently popular. Various elements of White and Mountaineering are added to different positions on the vamp, and the fashion is still the same. White Mountaineering x adidas Originals Adidas 2017 winter series will be in July 15 shelves flagship store, interested friends do not miss. White Mountaineering x adidas NMD R2 No: CG3648 price: $220 White Mountaineering x adidas NMD R2 No: CG3649 price: $220 White Mountaineering x adidas NMD Trail No: CG3647 price: $220 White Mountaineering x adidas NMD Trail No: CG3647 price: $220 White, Mountaineering, x, Adidas, Stan, Smith, CF: $180 White Mountaineering x adidas Stan Smith CF No: CG3651 price: $180 White Mountaineering x adidas Stan Smith CF No: CG3652 price: $180